Meet the founder

Grandma's Taverna founder, Georgie, has traveled to over 30 countries and has lived and worked on 5 continents. There's one place, however, that she visits every year, sometimes more than once, and that's her mother's hometown of Krokees in the Laconia region of Southern Greece.

After having tried some of the most delicious foods the world has to offer, Georgie strongly believes that the best meals she's ever had are in Greece - completely biased, she admits.

Each time she visits there are a number of small tavernas that have been maintained by the same families for decades, and she's always getting recommendations from friends and family for places she hasn't tried before. As these recommendations often come by word-of-mouth, phone numbers, websites and directions to these tavernas are often extremely difficult to find.

Georgie wanted to share some of her experiences with travelers to the region to give them the opportunity to enjoy an authentic, home-cooked meal. 


Where is Laconia?