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Secret Beaches: Skoutari, Laconia

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 21, 2015 8:01:00 PM / by Grandma's Taverna

My favorite beach in Greece.

Last summer I snapped this panoramic shot of my favorite beach in Laconia: Skoutari.

Skoutari Secret Beach Laconia Greece

It reminds me a bit of the photos you might see of the beaches in Brasil, except it's not overpopuled nor is the beach littered with chairs and umbrellas that cost you half the price of your hotel room.

What I love most about this beach:

  1. While it can get crowded on the weekends in the summer, you can always find a place in the sand for your towel and it's full of locals and a few adventurous tourists
  2. The sea is PRISTINE. Swimming in this beach reminds me of swimming in the cool, clear waters of Mykonos - without the crazy crowds or overpriced food and beverages
  3. Kalamakia Taverna. The taverna at Skoutari is the main attraction, and is one of the primary inspirations for my creating the site, Grandma's Taverna. The taverna at Skoutari Beach is always bustling - but it's barely on the map! This may be the very reason for its authenticity, but I'll risk over-exposing it to the world in favor of being able to share the experience with so many other people. 

And here's another secret, we're giving away a free map to this very place, don't miss it.

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