Georgie's Guide to All Things Greek | Tavernas in Laconia

Greek Food For Every Season:
What to Order & When

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A Laconian Twist on Favorite Greek Foods

Greek food in Laconia: Spring

As we are approaching Spring we are also approaching one of the biggest feast days in Greece: Easter. Today marked the first day of the Lenten period which is called Kathara Deftera, or, "Clean Monday," in Greek. It marks the first of 40 days of fasting from meat and dairy products. For this reason, we've got two recommendations for what to eat in Greece in the Spring time in Greece; one for during lent, and the other for when the fast is broken and the feast begins!

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Dining out in Laconia, Greece: What's a Taverna?

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taverna is not to be confused with a tavern. Tavernas are uniquely Greek restaurants, often small and intimate. The taverna is an integral part of Greek cuisine and of Greek culture.

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What's in a Greek salad?

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